Ever wondered why your favorite stars never age? We are here to let the cat out of the bag – it is CooLifiting! This is a facial rejuvenation and wrinkle-fighting treatment that delivers results in less than three minutes. It treats expression wrinkles and gravitational wrinkles: eyes, forehead, frown, cheeks and lips. No needles in sight!

CooLifting: Remove 10 years in less than 3 minutes!

The procedure is done with a CooLifting gun that projects a powerful Carbon Dioxide flow on the face, along with an ultra-high concentration of atomized active ingredients like hyaluronic acid at a high pressure and low temperature. Smoothing, illuminating and rejuvenating results are almost instant.

First of all, CryoGlobes are frozen medical-grade surgical steel. They improve the general condition of the skin by increasing oxygen and nutrient supply to the skin. The intense cold activates collagen production, leaving your skin firmer and tighter.

When used pre-CooLifting, CryoGlobes increase blood flow into the skin. When used post-CooLifting, CryoGlobes will enhance and extend the effects of CooLift by maintaining the increase in circulation and cell turnover, thereby increasing the penetration of products into the skin.

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Be Flawless!


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