IV drip therapy at refine skin and body clinic


It’s not a drill. IV Drip Therapy allows you to take a shortcut to looking, feeling & performing better. We have a variety of vitamin & mineral formulas available for different needs. You get to feel better quickly because with IV Drip Therapy, the nutrients that your body needs are absorbed directly into your bloodstream.

Name your need and we shall avail an IV Drip Therapy vitamin formula that will cater to it.

Looking for relief?

We have a formula that minimizes bloating, irritability, abdominal discomfort & lower back pain!

Looking to boost your immunity?

We have the formula that will strengthen your body’s ability to defend itself against infections. And if you are already feeling unwell, you will get better faster.

Looking for superior brain power?

We have just the right formula that will improve your cognitive function including information processing & learning. Even better, it boosts your memory!

Looking for a performance boost?

If you want to eliminate the probability of coming off sub-par, check in for an IV Drip Formula that will fire you up to the performance you desire. There’s also a benefit of reducing your recovery time.

Tired of excess weight?

We have a formula that can boost your metabolism, make you go much harder & burn that fat much faster.

Trying to achieve your skin goals & glows?

We have your solution too. We have just the right formula that will brighten your look. It also fights acne and reduces the appearance of wrinkles on your face.

Is your system due for a reset?

You have been reckless with your body. Maybe you are not sufficiently hydrated. Or you binged on alcohol and now you are nursing a heavy hangover. Whatever it is, we have the formula to reboot you back to your right body setting.

Are you constantly feeling drowsy & exhausted?

Your recovery remedy is waiting for you. You will feel energized and clear-headed almost instantly.

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