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It goes without saying that intimacy is a big part of relationships. Unfortunately, it isn’t something many people are comfortable talking about. Many couples remain tight-lipped about this. They choose silence over openness and yet solutions to “bedroom problems” exist.

Below are the commonest issues that affect “performance” in women;

· Continuous failure or hardship to achieve climax

· Pain during intercourse

· Insufficient vaginal lubrication

· A loosened vaginal canal

· Reduced sensitivity of the vagina & clitoris

· Ageing lips of the vagina

Below are the commonest issues affecting men’s sex lives;

· Less than desired penis size

· Reduced ability or complete inability to achieve an erection

· Failure or hardship in sustaining an erection

· Low sensitivity/pleasure of the penis

· Penis shape with a more than average curve

· Feeling pain during erections

· Penis injuries

O Shot® – an effective solution to women’s intimacy issues

In brief, an O Shot® (Orgasm Shot in full) is an easy treatment that allows women to improve their orgasm response through an injection of platelet-rich plasma (PRP). Through the O-Shot®, women are afforded a means of achieving significantly improved sexual stimulation and satisfaction without any surgery. The first step of the O-Shot® treatment involves drawing a sample of the patient’s blood and isolating Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) via a centrifuge. While the blood is being processed, an anesthetic is applied to the injection sight. Once the PRP has been isolated and the treatment area is sufficiently numbed, the PRP is then injected into the clitoris and upper vagina through a very fine, thin needle.

What are the expected results after the O Shot®?

· Increased vaginal lubrication

· A tighter vaginal canal

· Stronger & more frequent orgasms

· Visibly younger & smoother looking vaginal lips

· Greater clitoral stimulation

· Improved vaginal elasticity

· Less or totally no pain during sex

The O Shot® doesn’t only improve your sexual health, this safe procedure also aids in treating urinary incontinence.

P Shot® – an effective solution to men’s intimacy issues

The P Shot® (Priapus Shot in full) is a tested & proven remedy to men’s intimacy issues. Just like the O Shot® for women, The P Shot® stimulates the healing process in one’s penis using growth factors in your blood.

It uses the same procedures as the O Shot®: A numbing cream is applied and simple local anesthetic is given to ease the whole process then blood is drawn from the patient and put in a centrifuge to isolate & concentrate the PRP which is then administered using a tiny needle into different sites of the patient’s penis.

What are the expected results after the P Shot®?

· Improved penis length & girth

· Harder erections & improved blood flow to the penis

· A more sensitive penis generally (easier erections)

· Treats pain resulting from erection

· Better sexual stamina (More ability to sustain erections)

· Better sensitivity & pleasure during sex

· It also treats penis injuries

· Better penis look with less curvature

Just like the O Shot® does for the ladies, the P Shot® also treats urinary incontinence in men.

Origin of the O Shot® & P Shot®

The P Shot® essentially gave rise to the O Shot®. It all started when Dr. Charles Runels, an American born doctor, first injected PRP into into his own penis and noticed his erections were noticeably harder and lasted longer.

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