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Many people seek over-the-counter products for skin and body solutions. Some use them to try and fix skin issues, others even opt for them to attain the bodies of their dreams. While not all over-the-counter solutions are failure-bound, you are better off visiting a trusted specialist for more assured results.

Here’s why?


Say you have a skin issue and you are seeking a long-term solution or you want to change something about your body. Over-the-counter medication may be readily available but it won’t offer you the luxury of accuracy. You may get it right but what if you don’t? Many patients eventually end up resorting to seeking professional help because of frustration when the non-professional solutions are effective for only the short-term, don’t work at all, make the issue even worse or end up being damaging instead. You are safer when you seek professional care.

Accountability & Review

Specialists are not magicians. Therefore the desired results may not manifest right away. But the advantage is, you will have the liberty of seeking answers to your numerous concerns. And you are even in position to seek a review. They could even own up to a misdiagnosis and correct it. This may not be possible if you simply buy over-the-counter products.

Skin type

Not all products are suitable for all skin types. Even when this is indicated on the product, you may wrongly categorize your skin type and therefore pick out a wrong product for your skin. Seeking professional care helps you correctly establish your skin type and have the right products prescribed for you. It is also a perfect opportunity to know your skin & body better.

Safe/Genuine products

A genuine professional can tell the difference between a fake and a legitimate product. Secondly, they are bound by their professional code to give you the optimum level of service. On the contrary, an over-the-counter seller may be looking to maximize profits as they may have nothing to lose when the product they are selling isn’t genuine. This may have long-lasting damaging effects on you. Don’t risk your skin or body, chose professional care.


Contrary to popular assumption, dosage applies to Dermatology too. Too much of a product may lead to adverse effects while too little of a product may delay or totally hamper effectiveness. Take the safer route of having your products well-prescribed by a professional for ideal results.


More often than not, various solutions exist for every condition. While various products may also be available over the counter, you won’t know if there’s a possibility of not needing any. A Professional will outline for you all the options at your disposal, including non-medical ones so that an informed decision is made.

Save money

Imagine trying product after product in a bid to solve an issue in vain. It isn’t any better if it is the same product you are using with the hope that it will eventually work. And imagine the cost of undoing the damage that an over-the-counter product may cause. How much are you going to spend to no end? In the long run, using a professional will not only save you money but give you the value you deserve.

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