Fibroblast Therapy

Fibroblast Therapy

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Fibroplast Therapy Refine Skin Clinic Dr. Chiraag Kotecha Uganda

Fibroplast Therapy

Fibroplast Therapy also known as Plasma Fibroblast Therapy utilizes a pen-like device that discharges a high-frequency electric current to small areas of the skin to heal skin wounds, and improve skin firmness & tightness. It targets fibroblasts. These are collagen and protein-producing cells in the dermis, the layer of skin just below your outermost skin layer.

The basic steps typically include:

Cleansing the skin and applying a topical anesthetic (numbing) cream. You may need to wait about 30 minutes for the numbing cream to take effect.

Treating the designated skin area with the plasma pen. The pen will create small arcs of microcurrents that make small scab-like dots on the skin.

A professional will remove the numbing cream and apply a cooling gel to minimize the tingling and burning sensation whenever possible.

The procedure usually takes about 30 to 60 minutes to perform.


Once the procedure is completed, you can expect the small dots to scab over and fall off after about 1 week. Over the next couple of weeks, as your skin heals, it should appear tighter and firmer.

Some people may see benefits from one treatment, while others may require three treatments.