Skin Lightening with Crystal Tomato

Skin Lightening Treatment with Crystal Tomato

We use safe and effective skin lightening treatments using Glutathione. Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant produced by our liver. Anti-oxidants act by reducing the waste products (oxygen free radicals) of the body. Accumulation of oxygen-free radicals results in premature aging and increases the incidence of cancer.

Glutathione has been used worldwide in patients undergoing chemotherapy for cancer, and people have also started taking it for its varying other benefits. At high doses, glutathione inhibits an enzyme called tyrosinase; tyrosinase is important in the production of skin color, and by inhibiting this, glutathione can help with skin lightening. It works slower than the other ‘bleaching’ products on the market but without the side effects of uneven (de)pigmentation and skin atrophy/thinning.