What’s with the Vampire Craze?

What’s with the Vampire Craze?

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Welcome to the age of self-care. This phenomenon has become deeply ingrained in our lives. It has even taken on a gender neutral face. Gone are the days when males had a license to look scruffy, unkempt & unstylish. Even the number of male beauty icons is on the surge. I mean renowned American Record Producer, Crooner & Rapper Pharrell Williams recently launched a whole skin care line called Humanrace. And now a man considered macho by all standards, the newly single Baseball Hall of Famer Alex Rodriguez has announced a male make-up line! Very notable of this beauty trend is a clear inclination towards anti-ageing. Yes, ageing is so yesterday and going Vampire is so now! But what the hell is going Vampire?

Going Vampire simply means undergoing procedures that involve using Platelet Rich Plasma to naturally heal, regenerate your cells and correct a number of skin and body issues that often come along with ageing. Did you know that your blood contains special elements that are responsible for healing? They are called Platelets. It is these that will enable you stay young and fresh like a Vampire!

These Vampire treatments have variations ranging from the Vampire Facial, Vampire Face-lift, Vampire Breast-lift and others. Dr. Kotecha the Lead Doctor at Avane Cosmetic Clinique & Medispa – the leading Cosmetic Dermatology facility in Uganda breaks down how Vampire Treatments work and why they are so effective. “For Vampire treatments, we typically use of one’s own body healing properties to deal with many skin issues and ageing. Your own blood is extracted, is placed into a centrifuge, a machine that spins around very quickly, causing the blood components to separate. The platelet-rich plasma is then injected to the problem area on your body”.  Dr. Kotecha further explains that there are a number of Vampire Treatment variations for different purposes as follows: 

Vampire Facial®: Here platelet-rich plasma is injected to your face to treat a number of skin issues ranging from acne, scars, sun damage to minimizing fine lines & wrinkles. It becomes a Vampire Facelift when Hyaluronic acid filler is added to the PRP for a more anti-ageing effect.

Vampire Breast-lift®: This one helps with the breasts. Administering PRP to your helps you achieve a firmer, fuller look for your breasts. It also minimizes the appearance of wrinkles, scars, stretch marks & improves blood circulation. Depending on your intended results, hyaluronic acid filler can be combined with the platelet-rich plasma for an even firmer result.

Vampire Hair Restoration®: Just like the Vampire Facial & Vampire Breast-lift, PRP is administered into areas of the scalp that need increased hair growth. The growth factors in the PRP trigger cell repair and regeneration, rejuvenate skin tissue and stimulate hair follicles for enhanced growth.

While the benefits are obvious, it gets even better. Since the Vampire procedures are based on using your own body’s healing elements, there are no notable side-effects. So don’t fall behind or move around looking wrinkly yet you can look forever fresh and young. Simply book your appointment for your Vampire Treatment at Avane Cosmetic Clinique & Medispa today.

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